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Our clients

We aim to serve:

  • Government - helping deliver on improved health and community based planning
  • Public Health England - helping to improve population health through spatial planning
  • Local authorities - County, borough and district councils – helping deliver the statutory duty to improve health by integrating services
  • Health and wellbeing boards - helping to define innovative approached in the health and wellbeing strategy
  • Foundation health trusts - helping to optimise the use of the health estate
  • Clinical Commissioning Groups – helping to secure authorization, improve performance, find ways of improving community health and devising successful reconfiguration of primary care
  • Neighbourhoods embarking on planning projects – guiding them through the planning system and building community support for truly local and sustainable solutions

Recent projects

Since its inception in 2009 the consultancy has successfully a wide range or project for prestigious clients for example:

  • The Department of Health; capacity building and reports on planning and health;
  • Strategic Health Authorities; capacity building in health and planning;
  • The Princes Foundation; the development of a primary care planning tool;
  • Tower Hamlets PCT; interim management of the London NHS HUDU;
  • Northampton PCT ; feasibility study into sub-regional health planning;
  • Gloucestershire PCT; a guide to promoting physical activity through planning;
  • NHS Norfolk: supporting the Thetford Healthy Town Project through innovative guidance now adopted by the Breckland Council, for improving the health outcomes of planned development and the local health service in the growth town of Thetford.

Other roles and initiatives

  • Participation in the World Health Organisation planning in all expert group, Kobe, Japan;
  • Policy expert for the Royal Town Planning Institute;
  • Chair of the Steering Group of a major, £2m academic research project to evaluate the impact of the Olympic Games on young people in East London;
  • A number of published articles on health, planning and inequalities.

Please note Easton Planning has working links with a number of other specialised consultancies that could be drawn on if necessary.

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