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Our focus

The challenge of delivering healthy equitable communities is ever more urgent and progress is vital to the modernisation of the NHS. Effective planning for sustainable communities demands that the whole environment is health promoting. Integrating urban planning that is designed to support healthier lifestyles with the planning of modern healthcare services and facilities promises to deliver a higher quality of life for all ages and groups, reduce inequity and help relieve the growing unsustainable burden on the NHS. Adding years to life and life to those years. Easton Planning’s expertise spans this exciting and innovative approach to planning communities. It includes:

  • Health and wellbeing strategies and JSNAs
  • Local planning
  • Neighbourhood planning
  • Health improvement and reduction of inequalities through spatial planning
  • Reconfiguration of local health services
  • Securing financial contributions to healthcare
  • Capacity building and awareness raising in the NHS and local government to integrate and transform support for healthier communities



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